Essex & Suffolk Gliding Club (3 miles)

The Essex and Suffolk Gliding Club was established in the late 1950s.

It has had several sites during its life and moved to Wormingford in 1990 on the site of a former Second World War fighter base. Since moving to Wormingford, the club has grown and the facilities are the envy of many clubs around the country. We are one of the premier clubs in Anglia region, offering a full range of training from a Gliding Experience, Trial Lesson or Day Course, through to Solo, Bronze, Silver badges and beyond.

The club is a member of the British Gliding Association and operates under its rules and guidance. All of our instructors are BGA-qualified. The club operates all year round, weather permitting. Normal flying days are Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. In 2004 we conducted a successful experiment to open the airfield seven days a week for July and August, and it is hoped that this can become a regular summer feature, or even expanded. During November to March, Fridays are not necessarily operational.

Facilities exist for every level of training in club gliders, and also for members who wish to fly their own gliders. The large club fleet consists of four two-seater gliders and four single-seater gliders (a high glider/member ratio), and we are always striving for improvements to the fleet. All of our gliders operate with a current CAA “EASA Certificate of Airworthiness”. There are also approximately 35 privately-owned gliders on site.

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